Fondazione Roma Europea was born in December 2001 thanks to the will and commitment of Prof. Cesare San Mauro, who is a lawyer, specialised in relationship with governmental institutions and public administration.

The Institution plays a primary role in the Roman cultural and political asset. Rather, the principal aim is to enhance, promote and improve the role of Rome in the European scenery, analysing its strengths and weaknesses.

Fondazione Roma Europea involves some of the most important national and roman business realities: mainly companies that operate in various areas like private, municipal and public companies, which have decided to believe on the draft produced by the Founders, and implemented by constituent bodies through the years.

The Fondazione covers numerous activities that relate to many aspects. The organization of conferences, speeches, round-tables and meetings faces complex and current issues, like the degrading reality of network and infrastructure situations, the problematic public and private transportation of the “Eternal City”, the scientific and technological research areas in Rome, the dialogue between religions, Internet and the virtual Rome, etc.

The leit motiv is, like in music, listening. In order to process and grow together.

Accession to Fondazione Roma Europea

The accession to Fondazione is approved by a year contribution of € 10.000,00 that you can make through a wire transfer at the following bank account dates:

IBAN: IT 89 G 08327 03200 000000041975

Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma Agenzia n. 9 – Salario Via Adige n. 26 – 00198 Roma

Lex “più dai meno versi”

Starting from 2005, understood as the tax-period, both for companies and people, commercial and no commercial entities, it is possible to deduct from your taxable income up to the 10% (of the same income) – and until a maximum value of € 70.000,00 – in case of donation, in money or nature towards no-profit people. More precisely, these new rules are applied for the donations after March 17th 2005, day of entry into the force of legislative decree n. 35 mentioned.

Donation can be made in favour of:

  • ONLUS, no profit organizations of Social Utility (art. 10 of legislative decree December 4th 1997, n. 460), included the so-called “ONLUS right” and the “partial ONLUS”.
  • ASSOCIATION of social promotion, enrolled in the national register (art. 7, paragraph 1 and 2, law December 7th 2000 n. 383) and in their territorial levels.
  • FOUNDATION AND ASSOCIATION, (legislative decree January 22nd 2004, n. 42) recognized, with legal personality, having as statuary object the protection, promotion and enhancement of artistic, historical and natural beauty interests.

The undersigned undertakes to pay the fee of € 700.00 (seven hundred / 00) for one year or to pay the sum of € 1,200.00 (one thousand two hundred / 00) for two years (IBAN: IT 89 G 08327 03200 00000 0041975) in order to participate and contribute to the development of the upcoming initiatives of the Fondazione Roma Europea.