Conference “Privacy: stato dell’arte e prospettive”

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The conference day about Privacy, promoted by Fondazione Roma Europea in partnership with APICES and Istituto Italiano per l’Anticorruzione, took place on the 15th of November at Palazzo Altieri. During the event the awards ceremony of Premio Cognito et Vis, ed. 2017, given to Prof. Esq. Franco Pizzetti and to Esq. Luca Bolognini, was also held. Host of the conference was Dr. Arturo Nattino (Finnat Bank CEO). Amongst the participants were Prof. Giuseppe Faberi (former President Emeritus of the Council of State) and Dr. Patrizia Cardillo (General Deputy Secretary of Electric Energy, Gas, Water System Authority). Prof. Esq. Cesare San Mauro, General Secretary of Fondazione Roma Europea, also conference Lecturer, was appointed honorary Member of APICES.